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The quest for giant mule deer has made the Sonoran Desert in Mexico a hot spot.  They have been taking monster bucks in Sonora for 30 years but only the last 12 – 15 have made it so famous.  The whole experience of Mexico is a unique one.  From big deer, to beautiful country and hospitable locals, every mule deer enthusiast should venture south of the border.  The atmosphere of Mexico gets in your blood and beckons you to the “land of giants” with the coming of each new season.  I have been going down there for 4 years and can’t imagine not going back. 

We are hunting on select ranches surrounding Hermosillo.  The past few years we have been fortunate to have a 70% success on deer averaging 180.  We have taken a few deer that broke 200.  While there is always the chance to take a deer over 200, a deer in the 180’s is a reasonable expectation.  Of course it is a good chance to take a deer that hits the 30 inches wide.  The racks are so impressive.  Even a low scoring deer can have the biggest frame one has ever seen.  The anticipation that builds while easing along the desert floor is what makes this hunting so special.  At any moment, “the one” can jump up right beside you and vanish amongst the giant saguaros.  They can appear and disappear almost simultaneously.




Because the shooting can be fast and furious, a guide must be reliable in the heat of the action.  We use guides from Texas who are knowledgeable and dependable when it comes time to make the shot.  There is no lack of communication.  The guides are dedicated to making this 1 x1 hunt a complete success.  We take a camp cook from Texas that prepares a variety of meals.  Many times we pack food with us for the day to keep from returning to camp for lunch.  We keep little grills in the truck to cook over a fire.  Making tacos or fajitas over hot coals makes for a good mid day break.


The camps are rustic old ranch houses.  They usually have power provided by generators, and have hot and cold running water.  We make it a priority to keep the camp clean and comfortable for all clients.  Some locations are able to have satellite TV.  We do have one ranch available with a very nice lodge.  It has 3 bedrooms with private baths, satellite, and a big living and dining area.


We also haul all of our own equipment down there.  We provide reliable vehicles and the equipment needed to maintain them in camp.


With the bad publicity that Mexico receives these days, people are hesitant to head to Sonora.  We have never had any problems there and the local government is always very accommodating.  I will personally meet each hunter at the airport in Hermosillo to assist with customs.  Then we will head to the private ranch to begin hunting.  Come join us for the hunt of a lifetime. The flavor of Sonora is something to be savored for years to come.


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