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Are you ready for a low pressure hunt that you can enjoy with friends and family?  Well, you should consider the pronghorn antelope, a beautiful species which is the icon of the wide open plains of the western United States.  These hunts offer an opportunity to look at large numbers of antelope with relative ease.  We hunt pronghorn safari style from jeeps and trucks.  Hunting from vehicles gives hunters of any physical condition the chance to harvest a true trophy.  Be ready to spend lots of time behind your binoculars as we glass the country searching for herds bedded in the grass or feeding on the hillsides.  Seeing 50 to 150 antelope a day will hold your interest in the hunt while we select the best trophy available.

We hunt large private ranches in Culberson, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, and Pecos counties.  These ranches total a little over 200,000 acres.  We are fortunate to have quality bucks in good number. The last few years have been hard on the pronghorn population all over west Texas due to drought and low fawn crops. 

TWC Hunt Co. is extremely focused on quality game management.  Because of the recent conditions in west Texas, we choose to utilize approximately half of our state issued permits.  This conservation effort allows the herds to maintain good numbers while preserving quality trophy animals. However, we are off to a good start for the 2010 season.  West Texas received good snow and rain in late 2009 and early 2010 which should be leading us to a green spring and strong summer.



We have been able to provide 100% success through the years on our antelope hunts.  We strive to produce trophy quality animals for every hunter. Holding strict to selective harvesting ensures customer satisfaction.  Bucks taken range from 14 16 inches and score from the mid to high 70s.  Occasionally we take an antelope that reaches 17 inches or breaks 80 on the score.  Make no mistake though, length of horn is not everything!  Many times a 14 inch antelope with good cutters and heavy mass will out score a buck with longer horns.


Permits are issued directly to the ranch by the state.  Therefore, drawing a tag is not required.  Book your hunt early and reserve a spot for the upcoming season.  The hunts are 2 days with 3 nights lodging.  Clients can fly into either Midland or El Paso and rent a car for the 2 hour drive to the ranch.


The season is 9 days long starting on October 2.  


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